#04 Carli Medina

#04 Carli Medina

My name is Carli, I am fifteen years old, I am a sophomore at Patterson High School and very competitive, compassionate, organized, studious, love school, coachable. I give 110% effort and always try my hardest and think of the bright side and I’m a leader. I always have a smile on my face.

Player Information

Age Birthdate Height Weight
17 05/30/2002 5' 3 115

Player Stats

Defensive Positions Bats Throws
Shortstop, Second, Outfield Right Right

Academic Information

School(s) Grad Year GPA SAT/ACT
Walnut Grove Elementary
Patterson High School
2020 4.0
Awards Interests
Academic Block P, Team Captain, Best Defensive player, nominated Life of A Tiger Ambassador, Tiger Pride Award Attend a university and be a sports medicine physician

Contact Information

Address Phone Number Email Parents
1249 Fawn Lily Dr 209-968-1528
carli.medina.04@icloud.com Carlos Medina and Elisa Medina

To contact coach Stan Hansen, call 209-620-3377 or email stan@nsacal.com