#11 Michelle Kroell

#11 Michelle Kroell

Hi, my name is Michelle Kroell. I am committed to play college softball at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. I am a right handed pitcher, and I can play corners as well. I’m very involved in church and school activities, and I have a 3.9 unweighted GPA.

Player Information

Age Birthdate Height Weight
17 08/09/2001 5' 9

Player Stats

Defensive Positions Bats Throws
Pitcher, First, Third Right Right

Academic Information

School(s) Grad Year GPA SAT/ACT
2019 3.9 1100
Awards Interests
MVP of school 7th and 8th grade teams Psychology

Contact Information

Address Phone Number Email Parents
9697 N Price Ave 559-288-8044 Mkroell09@gmail.com James and Tacy Kroell

To contact coach Stan Hansen, call 209-620-3377 or email stan@nsacal.com