#12 Brittany Bye

#12 Brittany Bye

Player Information

Age Birthdate Height Weight
18 04/29/2001 5' 3 159

Player Stats

Defensive Positions Bats Throws
First, Second, Third, Shortstop, Outfield Right Right

Academic Information

School(s) Grad Year GPA SAT/ACT
Oakdale High School 2019 3.2 1020
Awards Interests
Best defense player of the year 2017
Best offensive player of the year 2018
First team all league 2018
Best defensive player in league 2018
Teachers education

Contact Information

Address Phone Number Email Parents
6263 River Road 209-840-4032 Mikelisa31@att.net Mike Bye

To contact coach Stan Hansen, call 209-620-3377 or email stan@nsacal.com

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