#48 Kaitlyn Arceo

#48 Kaitlyn Arceo

Player Information

Age Birthdate Height Weight
14 8/23/2004 5' 5 120

Player Stats

Defensive Positions Bats Throws
Pitcher, Outfield, First Base Left Left

Running Times

Home to First Home to Second Home to Home

Academic Information

School(s) Grad Year GPA SAT/ACT
Merced High School 2022 4.0
Awards Interests
I want to major in education and become a teacher.

Contact Information

Address Phone Number Email Parents
2311 S St Merced,CA 209-617-1143
Rsayo48@yahoo.com Armando and Nila Arceo

To contact coach Stan Hansen, call 209-620-3377 or email stan@nsacal.com